Meet and Greet
All clients will have the opportunity to meet the trainer who will care for their dog before starting service. This service is provided free-of-charge. There is no obligation to book with Dog Adventures Northwest LLC at the Meet-and-Greet, but if you would like to move forward with scheduling, the Meet-and-Greet is a great opportunity to discuss scheduling specifics, home entry instructions, and tips and tricks specific to your dog’s care. Please note that any home entry information given to contractors is stored through a highly secure system (more info below under our Privacy Policy). Also note that all of our contractors carry valid driver's licenses and insurance, are contractually bound to be substance-free while working with Dog Adventures Northwest, and have been background checked, both federally and through the State of Oregon.

Puppies may begin City and Country Adventures at six months of age. Before this time, puppies are welcome (and encouraged!) to go on one-on-one Socialization Adventures with a trainer.

Animal Aggression
Dog Adventures Northwest LLC does not offer services to aggressive or highly reactive animals. As a Dog Adventures Northwest client, you agree to honestly represent your dog’s history, and disclose any history of biting and/or threatening behavior to a person or animal. You are responsible for all costs (including, but not limited to, medical care, legal fees, etc) if your dog bites a person or another animal while they are in our care. You are also responsible for contacting Dog Adventures Northwest if you notice any significant behavioral changes in your animal, and Dog Adventures Northwest agrees to do the same. Dog Adventures Northwest LLC is unable to accept dogs who have a bite history that resulted in medical intervention, either with another dog or a person.

We require that all dogs have had their core puppy vaccines (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, and Rabies), and that they either receive boosters or titers, at the recommendation of their vet. Dogs who are boarding with us additionally need to be on preventative flea treatment. Though the Bordetella vaccine is not required, it is highly recommended that all adventuring dogs receive the vaccine two times per year.

Please be sure to inform us of any health condition your dog may have, including food allergies. Note that brachycephalic dogs, puppies, and geriatric dogs, and those with laryngeal paralysis or Addison's disease may require additional precautions and closer attention.

Dog Adventures Northwest LLC cannot provide service to any pet that has any form of contagious illness. For the safety of our trainers and the other dogs in our care, please let us know if you need to suspend service due to animal sickness.

Clients are responsible for supplying the necessary, safe equipment/supplies needed for the care of their animals, including but not limited to a collar with identification, a harness, a leash, and any necessary medication. Dog Adventures Northwest LLC will not employ the use of any aversive equipment, such as choke chains, pinch collars, tightly fit Martingale collars, or e-collars. If you use these items, please supply alternate items when your dog is spending time with us. Please note that Dog Adventures Northwest LLC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged leads, collars, tags, clothing or any other item left with their dog.

Intact Males/Females
Intact males and females are welcome to join our services, provided they are deemed safe by Dog Adventures Northwest LLC, and that their intactness does not interfere with another dog's adventure experience. Excessive mounting, indoor marking, aggression, and bullying are not allowed, nor are females in heat or carrying puppies.


Time to Pet Portal
Dog Adventures Northwest LLC uses an online management software for scheduling, invoicing, payments, measuring satisfaction, and tracking specifics as to your dog’s care. Once your account has been activated, please fully complete the “Client Details” and “Pet Details” sections of your profile. This information is integral to the care of your pet, so please do take the time to thoughtfully fill in all fields. Additionally, you will be asked to sign the Dog Adventures Northwest LLC Terms and Conditions and liability waiver when you log in for the first time. Services cannot begin until you have agreed to the Dog Adventures Northwest LLC Terms and Conditions and signed the liability waiver.

Time to Pet Communication
Please communicate with us in the way that is most convenient for you. You can send messages through Time to Pet, email Kerry Ryan (Owner/Manager) or your trainer directly, text Kerry or your trainer, call, etc. In order to keep everyone in the loop, however, we will update your Time to Pet conversation feed and/or Time to Pet profiles with any important info. This allows us to have all communication in one place. The information contained in Time to Pet can be viewed by all Dog Adventures Northwest trainers who care for your dog, so this is the easiest way to make sure we have all of the relevant info on-hand.

Report Cards
At the end of every service, you will receive a report card of your dog's time with us, including a brief write-up and photographs.


General Scheduling
Our trainers are all independent contractors, and therefore make their own schedules. If you find that your scheduling needs do not meet the trainer’s availability, please let us know, and we will do our best to reassign you to a different trainer. Dog Adventures Northwest LLC books services 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Windows
All of our services provide pick-up and drop-off at your home or office, with the exception of our Day Camp service at Camp Pendleton. Due to the unpredictability of traffic and the pick-ups and drop-offs of your dog’s Adventure buddies, we cannot arrive at your home at an exact time. Some of our trainers will give an hour window in which they will pick your dog up and drop your dog off, and some prefer giving an approximate pick-up and drop-off time. If a trainer is going to be late for any reason, they will communicate via phone call or text.

Cancellation Policy
You will be charged 50% of the price of the Adventure if service is cancelled less than 24-hours in advance and 100% of the Adventure price if it is cancelled within 3 hours of pick-up.  This being said, we understand that life just gets in the way sometimes; if we can make an alternate plan work, we will do our absolute best to do so!

A 25% deposit of the service total is required to reserve dates for overnight care (Pet Sitting, Adventure Boarding, Adventure Board and Train). This deposit will be fully refunded if service is cancelled six or more weeks before the first date of service, or if the cancellation occurs within three days of the initial request.

Inclement Weather
If there is snow falling or snow/ice on the roads, we may need to cancel. It is up to each individual trainer as to what feels safe to them, and whether to offer services when the roads may be dicey. If your trainer does not feel safe venturing out, but you would still like service, we will do everything we can to find a substitute. If your property is likely to be impassable in the event of snow or ice, please keep us in the loop when it comes to driving conditions in your area on the day of your pup's Adventure.

In the event of severe weather after an Adventure has begun, the service schedule may be changed, interrupted, altered or cancelled at our discretion. In the unlikely event that your home is no longer reachable due to extreme weather mid-Adventure, your trainer will work with you and the Dog Adventures Northwest Manager to develop a plan.

Trainers occasionally need to take time away due to sickness or scheduled vacations. Trainers will give clients as much notice as possible for these times. When a trainer cancels, clients can either choose to cancel service or request a substitute. Clients may also request a free meet-and-greet with the substitute trainer if schedules allow.

If you have services scheduled for any given week, you will receive an email reminder on the Thursday before. 


Credit Card Storage
Time To Pet is fully PCI Compliant (for validation: Time To Pet never stores credit card information on its servers; instead, all credit card information is stored via the integrated payment processor's secure storage. All of Time to Pet's integrated payment processors are also fully PCI compliant. Dog Adventures Northwest LLC uses WePay as a payment processor, which is fully integrated into the Time to Pet system.

Regular and Recurring Services
Clients whose dogs are on a regular and recurring Adventure schedule will receive emailed invoices during the last week of every month. Upcoming invoices can also be viewed any time through the Time to Pet portal. Payment for all regular and recurring services is due on the first of every month for the upcoming month’s services. Note that clients who book one or more recurring services per week will receive a 10% discount.

Irregularly Scheduled Services
Payments for irregularly scheduled services will be due on the date of service. Upcoming invoices can be viewed at any time through the Time to Pet portal.

Overnight Services
For Pet Sitting, Adventure Camp, and Adventure School reservations, 25% of the invoice is due upon receipt to hold the dates, and the balance is due the day before your trip.

Automatic Payments
Dog Adventures Northwest LLC will charge the card on file on behalf of all clients immediately after emailing you your invoice. If you do not wish for us to run your card, please let us know, and you can individually pay on every invoice. You can view all upcoming invoices at any time through the Time to Pet portal. Please note that automatic payments are opt-out only. Unless you specifically request to personally pay on every invoice, Dog Adventures Northwest LLC will process payment on your behalf.

Cancellations on Pre-Paid Services
If a cancellation on a prepaid service is not subject to the Cancellation Policy (under "Scheduling"), monthly clients will see a credit on their next month's invoice for the price of the cancelled Adventure. Payments made by other clients can either be held in the client's account as a credit or be refunded to the card on which the services were purchased, based on upon client preference.

Delay in Payment
If a client opts-out of automatic billing and is more than two weeks past due on an invoice, Dog Adventures Northwest LLC reserves the right to suspend service until payment is received. For payments more than two months overdue, Dog Adventures Northwest LLC reserves the right to employ a collection company to collect payment and fees.


Dog Adventures Northwest maintains a strict ratio of four dogs to one human. We will never have more dogs than we can safely and securely handle. All dogs in our care receive highly individualized attention.

All Dog Adventures Northwest trainers who drive dogs as a part of service carry valid driver's licenses and insurance. Note that trainers transport dogs to and from Adventure locations safely, using tethers, grates, crates, and/or dog restraint systems.

We keep our pups happily hiking and playing during their time with us. The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on his or her age, breed, and health. Please speak with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s ability to go adventuring. Exercise modifications can be made for senior dogs, or pups recovering from injury or illness. Note that no dog will be pushed to exercise if he or she shows any signs of fatigue, and that rest stops and water breaks are part of every adventure.

Reliable Recall
If your dog is the type to run for the hills when off-leash, you can book a City Adventure, and we will be sure to only visit a fenced dog park. Alternately, you can book a private training session with us to train a reliable recall in a controlled area before we venture into the wilds. Our Adventure leaders are all dog trainers, and will be able to appropriately assess your pup’s tendencies, and also to teach your dog a reliable recall while out on the trail. Note that most dogs — while they may rove and ramble — have little desire to actually run away. Even so, for safety's sake, all dogs will be required to wear identification on flat and properly-fit collars.

We teach and actively practice recall while out on the trail through positive reinforcement training. We additionally reinforce desirable dog behavior (sit, down, come, drop-it, leave-it, stay, etc.) and manage undesirable behavior (jumping up, resource guarding, leash reactivity, mouthiness, bullying, mounting, etc). We absolutely refrain from positive punishment and negative reinforcement operant conditioning, either through training or management tools.

Animal Temperament
It is essential that your dog is socialized to other dogs if you would like him or her to adventure with us. Your dog doesn’t have to be the life of the party, but aggression issues will not be accommodated. Dogs go out in groups of no more than four dogs to one trainer to ensure everyone has a good time, and is kept safe. Dogs on a weekly schedule go out with the same group, and often become very good friends with their other adventure buddies.

Clean Paws and Towel-Dried Coats
Your dog will likely get a bit dirty on his or her Adventure. No dog will be kept from getting dirty if that is what is in his or her heart’s desire. All dogs, however, will be returned with clean paws and a towel-dried coat. Dogs who love mud can also get hosed off outside of your home. (If this is your preference, please detail the location of your spigot and hose to your trainer, and be sure it is in proper working condition.) Please note that we do not offer dog bathing, though we are happy to drop off your pup at the groomer’s instead of your home.

Please let us know if your dog has any allergies, and also list this information in your pet's profile. We can accommodate basic food allergies by using alternate treats. For more significant allergies, however, we may ask you to supply treats for your pup.

Dog Adventures Northwest LLC is happy to follow all provided instructions to administer medications but cannot be held responsible for complications that arise as a result.

We will notify you if your animal vomits, has loose stool, has a notable change in behavior, or appears sick in any way. Please note that we cannot care for any animal that has any form of active contagious illness. If a Dog Adventures Northwest contractor is bitten or exposed to any disease or ailment received from client animals that have not been properly or currently vaccinated, you will be responsible for all costs and damages that may be incurred as a result.

Injuries and Emergencies
Dog Adventures Northwest LLC takes every precaution to ensure your dog’s safety. Your dog will be kept on leash from your home to the car and from the car to the trailhead/park entrance. On our adventures, no dog is pushed beyond his or her physical comfort zone, and rest stops and water breaks are part of every adventure. All dog play is carefully monitored to avoid injury, but scratches, punctures, torn ligaments, or other injuries may occur despite the best supervision. Also, even though we are experienced in deescalation in heightened situations with unknown dogs through the use of recall, retreat, diversion, and appropriate body language, adventuring presents risks, and your dog may get injured by another dog we meet while out on the trail.

If your dog does get hurt while in our care, we will take them home, to your veterinarian, or to the closest emergency animal hospital, depending on the severity of the injury. We will contact you right away, as well, and take your lead when it comes to your dog's care.

Though Dog Adventures Northwest is not financially responsible for any injury your dog may incur while adventuring, the risk of serious injury is quite low, and we will do everything in our power to prevent injuries of any kind. Please note that all of our trainers are up-to-date in animal first-aid, CPR, and rescue breathing, should the need arise.

Dog Safety While in an Unattended Vehicle in Hot and Cold Weather
Our trainers will take the following precautions when leaving dogs in vehicles during pick-up and drop-offs on hot or cold days:

  • for outside temperatures between 70 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, dogs will be left in a locked vehicle with all windows open a minimum of three inches for no more than ten minutes; no car will be parked in direct sunlight; in the event that shaded parking is not available, all windows receiving direct sunlight will have reflective shades

  • for outside temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, dogs will be left in a locked and running vehicle for no more than ten minutes with the air conditioning or heat on (trainers will have a second set of keys)

  • all dogs will be kept away from car controls via a secure a grate, crates, tethers, and/or dog restraint systems

  • all dogs will have access to water

  • a sign will be left in the window, listing the conditions inside the car, the trainer's estimated time away from the car, and the trainer's cell phone number

The above is the default practice. If a trainer does not have air conditioning or heat in their vehicle, they will make specific and alternate plans with both you and the Dog Adventures Northwest Manager. Modifications may include meeting the trainer at the door if you are home at pick-up and drop-off; ensuring that dogs who live in downtown apartment buildings are the first pick-up and the last drop-off; bringing the dogs who are already in the trainer's vehicle into your backyard while the trainer is picking up or dropping off your dog; heating/cooling pads; reflective window coverings; extended screened windows; fans; and remote temperature monitoring. Even with these modifications, no dog will be left in a vehicle alone for more than ten minutes.

Also note that every dog handles temperature differently. Miniature breeds such as Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, and Yorkies and short-haired breeds such as Whippets, Greyhounds, MinPins, and Rat Terriers are more susceptible to cold weather. Brachycephalic breeds such as Pugs, Bulldogs, and Boxers and thick-coated breeds such as Malamutes, Chow Chows, and Bernese Mountain Dogs are more susceptible to hot weather. Please consult with your vet to determine best practices for your particular dog on extremely hot or cold days. Cancellation fees will be waived if you choose to cancel in the event of extreme temperatures. If you would prefer to not cancel, we may make alterations to your dog's adventure, such as carrying miniature breeds in our coats in the event of cold or encouraging dogs to swim and lie in the shade in the event of heat.


Hours of Care
For our boarding services, we will be with your dog continuously from 10pm every night to 8am the next morning. We will be with your dog for a minimum of eight of the remaining fourteen hours, and with no more than four hours of continuous absence, unless specific alternate arrangements have been made. For our pet sitting service in your home, we will be with your animals continuously from 6pm every night to 8am the next morning, unless specific alternate arrangements have been made. Midday let-outs for pet-sitting clients are 30 minutes in length.

Dogs who stay with us for any of our boarding services will be housed in a trainer's home. They will become a part of the trainer's family during their stay. They will sleep inside, and in a location that is either the same or resembles their sleeping space at home (ie crate, pen, bed, etc). Dogs will be kept on-leash outside on the trainer's property, with the exception of fully fenced areas.

Room and Board
When we are staying in your home, please be sure to let us know where we should sleep and bathe, and please supply linens and a towel. We will bring our own food, and will not eat or drink anything we find in your home.

Home Care
We will always treat your home and your property with respect, and will follow all specific instructions for home care, including security requests (ie locking doors and setting alarms), retrieving mail, watering plants, turning on/off lights, etc. We will never drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or engage in any kind of drug use while in your home or on your property.

If we are staying in your home, it is your responsibility to pet-proof any areas of your home and/or property to which the pet has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors, and other devices meant to contain the pet or restrict access to specific areas. We do not assume responsibility and have no liability for any injuries your pet may sustain or property damage your pet may cause while in their own home/property.

On the last day of pet sitting service, we will leave your home as clean or cleaner than when you left. Unless previous alternate requests have been made, we will do the following: start (and finish and fold, time allowed) a load of laundry with any used sheets, pillowcases, and towels; neatly fold any used blankets; remake the guest bed if time allows; wash all used dishes, dry, and put away; wipe down all kitchen and bathroom counters; sweep/vacuum/mop floors and rugs if necessary; put all furniture and home supplies in the exact location they were in when we first arrived; take out the trash; and do a final and thorough sweep of every room to ensure we have not left anything behind.

Home Visitors
Dog Adventures Northwest LLC reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns or inappropriate or uncomfortable circumstances. Please notify us if housekeepers, pest control services, realtors, friends, family members, etc. will have access to your home during your absence, and please notify these parties that we will be staying in your home. The police will be called on all intruders or suspicious acts without exception.

We will never invite or allow any other people onto your property or in your home. We will also not allow any animals other than yours into your home unless specific arrangements have been made with both you and the Dog Adventures Northwest Manager. 

Unforeseen Purchases
In the event that additional items need to be purchased in your absence (pet food, litter, cleaning supplies, or other necessary items that contribute to the health and wellbeing of your pet), we will purchase these items, retain a receipt, and include these charges on your invoice.


Dog Adventures Northwest highly respects our clients’ entrusting us with the care of their home and pets. All of your information will be kept private and confidential. All of our records are securely stored through the Time to Pet online management system. Sensitive information is hashed with a random salt and stored encrypted, and all traffic to and from Time To Pet servers uses the same 128 bit level encryption as most banks. Non-encrypted traffic is forced over to encrypted methods. Your data is stored on Time to Pet secure servers in data centers with 24/7 security and with redundant backup power supplies. Time To Pet has audit logging and strict policies for access of data by Dog Adventures LLC contractors. All personal client information is only accessible via authenticated methods.


There is a risk of injury to my dog, and of my dog causing injury to other persons and animals, during my dog’s participation in activities with Dog Adventures Northwest, including the potential for permanent disability and death. I KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS. I myself, and on behalf of my spouse, agents, attorneys, successors, and assigns, hereby covenant and agree to fully indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Dog Adventures Northwest, its directors, officers, agents, employees, contractors, sponsors, advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct the event (the "Releasees") from any and all claims, charges, complaints, liabilities, and obligations of any nature whatsoever, whether now known or unknown, and whether asserted or unasserted, arising from any event, act, or omission by or on behalf of the Releasees during my dog’s participation in Dog Adventures Northwest activities. By my signature below, and inconsideration of my dog being allowed to participate in activities associated with Dog Adventures Northwest, I am bound by this waiver, and I acknowledge that I have had sufficient opportunity to review the entire Terms and Conditions document and agree to be bound to its terms.