Puppy pet sitting is NOT a training program for “formal” obedience skill and manners. That being said, anyone caring for the puppy should absolutely be consistent with whatever work the puppy’s parent is putting in to teach them good manners.

For example:

-Ignore barking, biting, and jumping, etc.

-If the owner tells you they are having their puppy sit before doorways, you can do the same.

If an owner requests that you teach the puppy a new skill or drill their obedience skills, they should be referred to a training program.

Anyone interacting with the puppy should do their best not to undo the training that the owner (or another trainer) has put in. This means no reinforcing a dog for undesirable behaviors, like petting a dog for jumping on you. This also means no repeating commands like “sit” or constantly asking for a behavior like “sit” and not rewarding for it -- that would devalue the behavior.

*** Pet sitters: Ignore unwanted behaviors! Redirect the dog from unwanted behavior! Prevent the situation next time! Reward nice behaviors! ***

*** “Puppy biting” is very normal. Puppies explore the world with their mouths and often haven’t learned yet that humans don’t like being bit. That being said, lots of puppies cannot handle lots of petting or attention without becoming aroused and biting. So, a lot of puppies need very calm and boring interactions from humans in order to prevent hard mouthing. If a puppy is mouthing too hard, redirect them to a toy, stand up and walk away from them, or give them a short time-out somehow, so that they can calm down.***