Socialization Adventures

For dogs under one year of age.

Socialized puppies grow up into calm and confident adult dogs. Our Socialization Adventures (led by dog trainers skilled in systematic desensitization and classical counter-conditioning) give puppies POSITIVE experiences with sights and sounds, teaching them that the world is an amazing place!

Service includes…

  • Pick-up and Drop-off

  • One hour of systematic desensitization and classical conditioning with a licensed, bonded, and insured rewards-based dog trainer

  • Service in-home or at sites like hardware stores, construction sites, on the edges of a playground, outside of a hospital, pet stores, etc (all based on dog readiness – we provide POSITIVE socialization experiences for your puppy!)

  • Midday meal and/or meds if desired

  • Photos of your dog's adventures

  • A ratio of one dog to one trainer

  • Ridiculous amounts of fun

Rate: Socialization Adventures are $100 for one hour of paws-on-the-ground desensitization work. Schedule at least one Socialization Adventure per week, and get 10% off each adventure.

Dogs with significant reactivity or aggression issues will be referred on to a veterinary behaviorist.

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