Recommended Products

Independent Contractors independently select the tools they need to fulfill Dog Adventures Northwest expectations. To this end, none of the following products are required purchases. Contractors should use these recommendations only as they are helpful. Contractors should also feel free to share their own recommended products with the Dog Adventures Northwest Manager and other Contractors.

Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker
Three Pet Tracker Bundle: $250

From the manufacturer: The only tracking device for pets that allows true real-time GPS tracking for your dog or cat, Findster Duo+ is the ideal solution for extra safety during walks, and the best in class of wearable (waterproof) technology for pets. A tiny and smart GPS finder for dogs and cats with a waterproof design, it requires no cell coverage and works in the US and in every other country, even if you're completely off-grid. And unlike other GPS pet locators, Findster Duo+ allows you to track more than one pet without any subscriptions or extra fees. Three Pet Tracker Bundle: $250

From Kerry: I cannot vouch for this product personally, but am interested to try it. You don’t need cell service, and you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee, so it seems like it might be the most affordable option. At present, the app can only link three devices, so GPS tracking would not be used as a marketing tool (as in, we won’t be telling clients that we guarantee GPS tracking). It could be very helpful for individual trainers, however, giving them an extra failsafe while on adventures. I will be purchasing this product, and will report back. Trainers are also encouraged to do their own research and share their findings with the team.

Pet ID Tags and Dog Tag Clips
$3.69/tag; $14.99/8-pack clip

Contractors are strongly encouraged to make brightly-colored tags with their own cell phone number on them, and to purchase strong clips to easily attach them to client dog’s collars or harnesses. Sample text: “I’m on a hike! CALL: (503) 308-8087.” There are many different affordable options.