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If you are interested in our services and would like to schedule a free meet-and-greet with one of our trainers, please fill out the form below. A trainer will be in touch between one to three days to find a good time to drop by your home, say hello, and meet your pup. There is no obligation to book with us, but if you decide you'd like to schedule services, the meet-and-greet is also a good time to go over home entry and special care instructions.

Please note that the meet-and-greet is optional if you know you’d like to get right to work with Private Training, the Puppy Nanny Program, or the Day Training Program. Please fill out the form below, however! Thank you!

If you are an existing Dog Adventures Northwest client and would like to request additional services, please either log into our Service Portal, or shoot us an email at with a detailed request. The following form is for new clients only. Thank you!

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Be sure to include Name, Age, Sex, whether you pup is still intact, Breed, and Temperament Example: Zoe is a 10 month old female German Shepherd mix. She is spayed. She loves all people, but takes a little while to warm up. She gets along with all other dogs, but is very hyper, and doesn't always have the best manners. She will jump up and bark. She loves to wrestle, swim, and play fetch. She likes to chase cats and squirrels.