Dog Adventures Northwest provides off-leash adventures for dogs, private training, day camp, boarding, board-and-train, and pet sitting in the Portland metropolitan area. We are a premium door-to-door service, where all adventures are led by positive, force-free dog trainers, and where the ratio is never greater than four dogs to one trainer. 

Here at Dog Adventures Northwest, we genuinely understand how hard it can be for people to properly exercise their dogs. With work, family, and travel, it's not surprising that Rover's needs sometimes fall to the wayside. But this doesn't change the fact that our dogs need off-leash exercise every day in order to live healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives. 

Enter Dog Adventures Northwest! We are committed to giving your dog not only much-needed physical exercise, but also ridiculous amounts of fun. All excursions are catered to our particular adventurers, but most trips include hours of dashing though meadows, zig-zagging around trees and boulders, leaping in rivers, practicing the (really really!) important skill of off-leash recall, and playing all sorts of goofy puppy games like fetch, keep-away, and chase. We also offer many wrap-around services!

Led by professional dog trainers, Dog Adventures Northwest is the only Portland off-leash dog company that not only offers proper breed-specific exercise, but also positive reinforcement training by nationally recognized trainers.