How much exercise should my dog get on a daily basis?

The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on his or her age, breed, and health. Use this chart as a guideline, and speak with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s ability to go adventuring. Exercise modifications can be made for senior dogs, or pups recovering from injury or illness.

Will my dog be kept on a leash while adventuring?

Your dog will be kept on leash from your home to the car and from the car to the trailhead/park entrance and then the leash comes off! Dogs will only be taken to legal off-leash dog areas on their DANW adventure.

How will you teach my dog to come when called?

Dog Adventures Northwest uses positive reinforcement training to teach recall (coming when called). We will never (ever!) yell at your dog or hurt your dog in any way. We teach a really reliable recall through the use of food treats, fun games, and repetition. If you book an adventure through Dog Adventures Northwest, you will receive a hand-out detailing all of our methods, so that you can reinforce the behavior while on the trail yourself.

What if my dog runs away and there’s no fence?

If your dog is the type to run for the hills when off leash, you can book a City Adventure, and we will be sure to only visit a fenced dog park. Alternately, you can book a private training session with us to train a reliable recall in a controlled area before we venture into the wilds. 

Most dogs — while they may rove and ramble — have little desire to actually run away. If you have any doubts, however, let us come to your home for a (free!) consultation so that we can test his or her off-leash skills. Our Adventurers are certified trainers, and will be able to appropriately assess your pup’s proclivities. 

All dogs will be required to wear not only their own home identification on a properly fit flat collar, but also Dog Adventures Northwest identification. We have been working off-leash with new dogs for eight years, however, and we have never lost track of a dog. Your pup will be in very good hands. 

How long will my dog be out of the house?

If you book a City Adventure, your pup will be out of the house for 2-3 hours. One hour of this time will be spent actively playing. If you book a Country Adventure, your pup will be out of the house for 3-5 hours. Two hours of this time will be spent actively adventuring. 

How will you transport my dog?

Via our personal vehicles! Dogs will be crated, tethered, or kept safe behind a grate-partition. 

When adventuring, will my dog be made to hike at a certain speed or over a certain distance?

Nope! Every trip is catered to the specific adventuring dogs. Some dogs like to run in big goofy circles in tall grass, others like to fetch balls out of the river, and others like to go on long hikes through the forest. No dog will be pushed to exercise if he or she shows any signs of fatigue. Periodic rest stops and water breaks will be part of every adventure.

Will my dog play with other dogs while adventuring?

Yes. It is essential that your dog is socialized to other dogs if you would like him or her to adventure with us. Your dog doesn’t have to be the life of the party, but aggression issues will not be accommodated. 

Dogs go out in groups of no more than four dogs to one trainer to ensure everyone has a good time, and is kept safe. Dogs on a weekly schedule go out with the same group, and often become very good friends with their other adventure buddies.

Will my dog get dirty while adventuring? 

That’s half the fun! No dog will be kept from getting dirty if that is what is in his or her heart’s desire. All dogs, however, will be returned with clean paws and a towel-dried coat. Dogs who really love the mud (ahem, Labs and Goldens, ahem) will also get rinsed off at the end of every adventure. If your dog goes to the groomer every week or two anyway, why not coordinate a pre-bath adventure? We’ll be happy to drop off your pup at the groomer’s instead of your home.

I don’t want my dog to swim in the river. Is that OK?

If you would prefer if your dog did not go swimming we can adapt our route so as to avoid the river. (We can also specifically intentionally visit the river if you do want your dog to swim!)

What kind of exercise will my dog get if I book a “City Adventure?”

There are so many fun things to do in an off-leash dog park, big or small! Fetch, chase, and keep-away are among the favorites.

What if my dog gets hurt while at the park or on the trail?

Dog Adventures Northwest takes every precaution to ensure your dog’s safety. No dog is pushed beyond his or her physical comfort zone, and rest stops and water breaks are part of every adventure. Also, all adventure leaders are trained to deal with unknown aggressive dogs through diversion and appropriate body language. All adventure leaders have a cell phone in the event of emergency, and also Direct Stop, a citronella spray designed to stop aggressive dogs in their tracks. Even with precautions, however, adventuring presents risks. If your dog does get hurt while on the trail, we will take him or her immediately to the closest emergency animal hospital or to your own veterinarian. Though Dog Adventures Northwest is not financially responsible for any injury your dog may incur while adventuring, the risk of injury is quite low, and we will do everything in our power to prevent injuries of any kind. Lastly, all of our trainers are certified through the American Red Cross in animal first-aid, CPR, and rescue breathing, should the need arise.

Where can I find pictures of my dog having fun?

We are happy to text or email you photos and videos of your dog having the time of her life. We will also post selected photos to our Facebook page

What is the Dog Adventures Northwest cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel an Adventure, you will be charged 50% of the Adventure price if it is cancelled less than 24-hours in advance, and 100% of the Adventure price if it is cancelled within 3 hours of pick-up.  That being said, we understand that life just gets in the way sometimes; if we can make an alternate plan work, we will do our absolute best to do so!

Is Dog Adventures Northwest licensed, bonded, and insured?

Of course! Dog Adventures Northwest is a legal business entity in the State of Oregon, with full-coverage insurance and bonding.