Physical and Mental Exercise

A well-exercised dog is a well-behaved dog. All puppies need plenty of exercise, both physical and mental. PUPPY should get anywhere from three to five outings per day. Outings can include walks, jogs, hikes, outdoor games of fetch, play sessions with other dogs, trips to the dog park, etc. (The more the better… you are much more likely to get tired before your dog does.)

Just as important as physical exercise is mental stimulation. Try giving PUPPY her food in food puzzles or through training. You can find many food puzzles at the pet store — I especially like Kongs and Busy Buddies. Also be sure that PUPPY gets plenty of recreational chewing time — Bully Stix and Flossies are highly recommended. Make PUPPY work for everything — she will love getting to use her smarts to earn rewards.

*** Pet sitters: If you are watching the dog anywhere near meal time, ask for the kibble to be saved for you to use to entertain the dog. “Go bowless” and feed all meals with games like tossing treats for the dog to chase, scattering kibble to be found around the house, etc. -- if the dog cares about their food. ***

*** If a dog is eating, do not pet them/touch them/loom over them, as that can create resource guarding. If a dog is not coping well with humans being around them while they’re eating, they need to be referred to one of our training programs. ***