Cassie Weiss: Adventures, Training, Boarding

Certifications: CPDT-KA, Karen Pryor Academy, Pet Tech First Aid/CPR, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Oklahoma State University, Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production from the Art Institute of Portland

Memberships: Association of Professional Dog Trainers; National Association of Professional Pet Sitters; Licensed, Bonded, and Insured through Dog Adventures Northwest

Cassie is a lover of nature and the boundless opportunities for adventure the outdoors provides. She is rarely found indoors, and even less often, found without a camera in hand and a dog or two glued to her side. She lives in Southeast Portland with a human partner, an old Weimaraner, and a young Vizsla cross.

Cassie has been training dogs professionally since 2006, but as a hobby since childhood. Her first venture into group dog training started when she adopted a silly Pit Bull/Lab mix and found that there were few training classes in her area at that time. Additionally, the classes that were available all used training techniques that made her question if training really had to be so intrusive for the dog. In response, she started a force-free dog training group and eventually began to teach her own classes, focusing on using ethical reward-based training techniques that she could feel good about. She strives to train with the mindset that training doesn’t have to be difficult or make any participant feel uncomfortable. Training can be fun, for humans and dogs alike!


Cassie has worked and volunteered in a variety of animal-centric settings, affording her a well-rounded education in the areas of animal behavior and husbandry. Some of her experience includes working at boarding kennels, training facilities, dog daycares, rescue centers, veterinary clinics, and most recently as a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor training service dogs for people with visual impairments.

Cassie is particularly passionate about the importance of early socialization and the impact that a lack of appropriate socialization can have on dogs and their human counterparts as they become an adult. She is a firm believer that prevention is a more desirable tool than management, and she strives to be an advocate for both her own dogs and the dogs in her care.

Cassie uses she/her pronouns.

To contact Cassie directly, email her any time at To get your dog's adventure underway, just fill out a registration form and we will be in touch within 24-hours!