Carrie Lipps: Adventures, Training, Boarding Pet Sitting

Certifications: Whole Dog Academy Dog Trainer Certificate, Certification for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT) pending, Dove Lewis Pet First Aid/CPR, Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from University of Michigan

Memberships: Association of Professional Dog Trainers; Licensed, Bonded, and Insured through Dog Adventures Northwest 

Carrie wants all beings to live happy, full, and productive lives, doing what they love and feel called to do. As a young girl, full of reverence for the natural world and empathy for all its critters, Carrie wished for the power to erase all animal suffering. She dismissed the idea of veterinary work (the only animal-related job she knew of at the time) due to the immense heartache she experienced every time she even thought about animals in pain. Fast forward twenty-five years, Carrie discovered a new approach. Instead of focusing on the negative, she found she had the power to bring positive energy, fun, exciting adventures, and bottomless love to the animals she encountered!

In 2013, continuing a life-long pattern of exploring the country, the world, herself, and her many interests, Carrie moved to Portland to see what she might find in the great Pacific Northwest. As she began exploring this beautiful bioregion, her natural inclination had her “borrowing” dogs from friends and family to join her in exploring the many wild places in and around the city. These daily Carrie-Canine excursions were a joy for everyone involved and before long, Carrie decided to level up.

Studying canine behavior and learning theory through Whole Dog Academy’s professional dog training certification program, Carrie established a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, which she uses to connect deeply with all her animal friends, whether hiking, training, or just cuddling on the couch. Carrie is still busy exploring, and is working on creating a way to bring all her heart’s delights together. She offers dog adventures, training ,and pet sitting services with a big open heart and a never-ending stash of delicious, behaviorally-motivating goodies (oh yeah, she’s also a baker!). She may not know how to end all the world’s suffering, but she’s pretty darn good at creating joy in the lives of dogs and their humans, and she would be delighted to add you and your dog to her ever widening circle of friends!

To contact Carrie directly, email her any time at To get your dog's adventure underway, just fill out a registration form and we will be in touch within 24-hours!